Romanian anti-corruption prosecutors seek green light to arrest former finance minister

Romania’s Anti-Corruption Department (DNA) has sent the country’s prosecutor-general a report in which it asks the top magistrate to notify the Romanian Senate on lifting the immunity of Darius Valcov, who last week resigned as finance minister, suspected of peddling of influence.

Valcov is accused by the DNA that, when he was mayor of the southern Romanian town of Slatina from 2004-2012, he used his influence to channel some public contracts to a certain company in exchange for 20 per cent commissions amounting to a total two million euro.

Valcov left the DNA headquarters on March 18 after a three-hour interrogation while DNA said it would indict the minister for peddling of influence. Last Saturday, in the same case, the current mayor of Slatina, Ninel Florin Pena, was detained for 24 hours by DNA prosecutors.

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