Opposition leader Boris Nemtsov killed in Moscow

Boris Nemtsov, Russian politician opposed to the country’s leader Vladimir Putin, was killed on February 27 in Moscow.

An unidentified person shot him four times, according to Interfax news agency. Other news reports say he was killed from a car.

Nemtsov (55) held a rather minor political position of a Yaroslav Region Council member, though he also co-headed Parnas, an opposition bloc. Previously, he served as a deputy prime minister and energy minister. Nemtsov clearly stood against the Russian invasion in Crimea and Donbas.

Now, Russian anti-Putin movement looks almost beheaded on an eve of Vesna protest action that is supposed to take place March 1 in Moscow.

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(Photo: Boris Nemtsov during the Vyshyvanka Rally in Ukraine’s Odessa, June 2014. © Mikhail Golubev’s Facebook page)