Kerry, Merkel, Hollande come to Kyiv to find peace; Putin meeting today

The German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung reported, based on its sources, that the Merkel-Hollande plan will be based on September’s Minsk agreement with self-governance in the eastern Donbas territory controlled by Russian-backed separatists. “The essence of the proposal is to arrange an immediate cease-fire and to allow the separatists in eastern Ukraine broad autonomy in an area that is larger than previously agreed,” the newspaper reported.

US secretary of state John Kerry also repeatedly mentioned the Minsk deal as a crucial part of a new peace plan. He said both sides will have to pull out heavy artillery and that Russia will have to remove its troops and restore Ukraine’s sovereignty. He said both sides will have to release hostages and Ukraine will need to follow up with constitutional reform and pass a law granting autonomy to the separatists.

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