As Chanukah begins, Bulgarian President speaks out against hate speech

Hate speech is often used, but should not be tolerated, Bulgarian President Rossen Plevneliev said at Sofia Synagogue, where the head of state was guest of honour at a candle-lighting ceremony marking the start of Chanukah.

In lighting the first candle on the Chanukiah, Plevneliev sent a message of peace and understanding, tolerance and humanism. For several years, it has been traditional for the Bulgarian Jewish community to invite the head of state to participate in the service opening Chanukah.

Plevneliev Sofia Synagogue Chanukah December 16 2014

Plevneliev, addressing the members of the Bulgarian Jewish community gathered at the Sofia Synagogue for the start of Chanukah, said that attempts to darken or even quench the light were in no shortage today.

Today, often “someone is trying to take away someone else’s freedom and dignity,” he said.

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