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August 22, 2021, by The Sofia Globe staff

A wall of the Sofia Central Synagogue was defaced with an antisemitic message and a swastika, Bulgaria’s Central Israelite Spritual Council said on August 22. Daubed on the wall of […]

Bulgarian Jewish organisation slams candidate MP over Holocaust denial, praise of Hitler

July 5, 2021, by The Sofia Globe staff

The Organization of the Jews in Bulgaria “Shalom” has strongly condemned Miroslav Ivanov, a parliamentary candidate for the ultra-nationalist Bulg ...

Inaccuracies in petition to Treblinka about Bulgaria

April 13, 2021, by The Sofia Globe staff

A petition addressed to the Treblinka Museum calling for the removal of a stone memorial with the word Bulgaria on it, and an apology from the museum ...

Rescue of Bulgarian Jews from deportation to Holocaust death camps commemorated

March 10, 2021, by The Sofia Globe staff

Ceremonies were held in Bulgaria’s capital city Sofia and elsewhere in the country on March 10 commemorating the 1943 rescue of the Bulgarian Je ...