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April 5, 2022, by The Sofia Globe staff

Seventy per cent of Bulgarian Jews polled by Alpha Research see hate speech as a problem in Bulgaria, compared with 37 per cent among the wider population. The percentage of […]

79th anniversary of prevention of deportation of Bulgarian Jews to Nazi death camps marked

March 10, 2022, by The Sofia Globe staff

Bulgaria marked on March 10 the 79th anniversary of the prevention of the deportation of the Bulgarian Jews to the Nazi death camps of the Holocaust, ...

Bulgarian Jewish organisation: Wrong to call Ukraine a Nazi state

March 4, 2022, by The Sofia Globe staff

Claims that Ukraine is a Nazi state that needs to be de-Nazified are absolutely untenable and inappropriate, the Organization of the Jews in Bulgaria ...

Bulgarian leaders’ messages on International Holocaust Remembrance Day

January 27, 2022, by The Sofia Globe staff

Today, we bow our heads to the millions of Jews and other innocent people who fell victim to the Nazi genocide during the Second World War, Bulgaria&# ...

  • Inaccuracies in petition to Treblinka about Bulgaria
    April 13, 2021, by The Sofia Globe staff

    A petition addressed to the Treblinka Museum calling for the removal of a stone memorial with the word Bulgaria on it, and an apology from the museum for the word […]