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February 16, 2019, by Clive Leviev-Sawyer

It was the contrast of light and dark, this February night in Sofia. In one part of the Bulgarian capital city, an event to proclaim the values of acceptance of […]

Widespread backing for manifesto ‘Bulgarians united against hate speech’

February 15, 2019, by The Sofia Globe staff

Ahead of a signing ceremony at the Cabinet office in Sofia on February 16, a number of prominent figures have publicly stated support for the manifest ...

WJC report: Backers of ‘Lukov March’ in Bulgaria use antisemitic language

February 7, 2019, by The Sofia Globe staff

The World Jewish Congress has released a detailed report exposing the undeniably antisemitic language used on social media by the ultra-nationalist pr ...

Bulgaria Jewish organisations, gay and lesbian NGO commit to co-operate against hate crimes

January 31, 2019, by The Sofia Globe staff

United in their desire for an effective approach to fighting hate crimes against certain groups in Bulgarian society, the leaderships of the Organizat ...