Russia-backed separatists hamper international investigation of flight MH17 crash site

More than two days after Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was purportedly shot down by a surface-to-air rocket in war-torn eastern Ukraine, international experts remain absent from the crash site, blocked by Kremlin-backed separatist gunmen.

Kyiv says they are purposely hampering the investigation in order to cover up evidence that would prove they used a Buk missile system provided to them by Russia to shoot down the jetliner, which they mistook for a Ukrainian military transport plane. Separatists and Russia have blamed Kiev for the downing, saying it is the government’s fault for carrying out its “anti-terrorist operation” in the separatist-controlled eastern regions of Donetsk and Luhansk.

Rescue workers with no experience in such catastrophes have worked slowly to remove the hundreds of mangled corpses splayed across the miles-wide crash site.

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