Albania and Kosovo unify their education systems

As of June 3, Albania and Kosovo officially have a unified education system. Schools in the Republic of Albania and Republic of Kosovo will learn using the same texts and the same school system.

An agreement was signed on Tuesday in Tirana about the Curriculums of Pre-University Education between Albania and Kosovo. Albanian education and sport minister Lindita Nikolla and her counterpart from Kosovo Rame Buja signed the agreement at a ceremony at the Council of Ministers, in the presence of Albanian prime minister Edi Rama.

Nikolla said that with the signature of the agreement, a new era for Albanian education is starting. “The new curriculum enables mobility. A student of Kosovo can come and be a student of a school in Albania and vice versa, but also in the EU, because the curriculum that we unified is the official curriculum of the EU member countries,” Nikolla said.

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