Film review: Brick Mansions

In his last film role before his untimely death in January, Paul Walker starred as a police detective looking for revenge, who teams up with a guy who killed a cop and goes into a rough neighborhood to stop a nuclear device from detonating. Brick Mansions doesn’t present Walker with much of a character, and the film is utterly forgettable, but the actor keeps his cool, delivers his lines, gets in and gets out.

The film, however, is a creative wasteland, as time is mostly filled with shootouts that involve barely anyone ever getting hit, no matter how heavy the artillery or how gun-savvy those toting the weapons are.

The film, produced by Luc Besson, is a remake of Besson’s own 2004 hit film Banlieue 13, which had almost exactly the same plot, with the exception that suburban Paris has been traded in for suburban Detroit. Or rather, a version of suburban Detroit in which the area most afflicted by crime and violence has been cordoned off, with hundreds of thousands of dollars spent to keep the inhabitants inside the zone, far away from the rest of the city.

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(Still of Paul Walker, David Belle and Catalina Denis in Brick Mansions. Photo by Philippe Bosse/Photo Philippe Bosse / Europacor – © 2013 EUROPACORP – TRANSFILM INTERNATIONAL INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)