Even as latest ultimatum passes on March 4, fear of Russian attack remains

After blocking Ukrainian military bases in Crimea on March 2, Russia issued ultimatums to the Ukrainian army on March 3 to surrender by 5am on March 4 or face a “military storm.”

The deadline for surrender passed this morning, however, with no immediate reports of conflict.

“If they (Ukrainian troops) do not give up by 5am tomorrow (March 4), there will be a real storm of subdivisions and units of Ukraine’s military forces all over Crimea,” Russian Black Sea Fleet Commander Aleksandr Vitko was quoted by Interfax news agency as saying.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry called the ultimatums “utter nonsense” and denied making them. The Ukrainian defence and foreign ministries insisted that the threats happened, if only as part of Russia’s psychological warfare against Ukraine.

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(Photo: VOANews)