Bulgarians respond with humour, concern to UK immigration hysteria

The dampest squib of New Year 2014 was the supposed influx of thousands of Bulgarians and Romanians to the United Kingdom after the EU-wide lifting of labour restrictions, but parts of the British media and some politicians continue to scrabble desperately to ignite the failed fireworks.

In response, Bulgarians have shown humour at the hysteria – which is indeed largely laughable – but also concern at what lies behind the propaganda campaign against them and their Romanian neighbours.

Inevitably, social network Facebook saw swathes of jokes shared by Bulgarians with their friends as they greeted the New Year. “I’m in London, is anyone still in Sofia?” was one of many such posts.

Every gaffe, and there have been several, by the UK media involved in the campaign has been seized on with glee and reposted with acerbic comments beneath. Similarly, satirical pieces by websites such as NewsBiscuit were appreciatively shared online.

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(Photo: Nick Manning)