EU to end EULEX mission to Kosovo in September

The European Union plans to end its EULEX mission in Kosovo and replace it with a new mission, with reduced numbers and under another name. Diplomatic sources in Pristina say that the new mission, the name of which has not yet been determined, will be situated at the headquarters of the current EU office in Kosovo.

Unlike EULEX, this mission will have reduced personnel, but its focus will remain securing the rule of law in Kosovo. The new mission will have executive powers, but they will differ to those held by EULEX.

The mission will have executive powers in the north of Kosovo and in other areas that relate to the implementation of the Brussels agreement. Diplomatic sources in Pristina say that in mid-January, the Kosovo government will hold meetings in Brussels with representatives of EU member states.

Kosovo deputy prime minister and minister of justice, Hajredin Kuci, will lead Kosovo’s delegation in the official talks between EU and government of Kosovo to restructure the mission.

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(Photo of Kosovo flag by Quinn Dombrowski/