We are expanding our energy borders beyond political borders, Turkish energy minister says

The statements of Turkish Energy minister Taner Yildiz on the country’s efforts to search for oil in northern Iraq and beyond have raised eyebrows. The minister said: “Turkey keeps the political borders safe as we continue to expand our scope on energy issues. We live in a globalized economy and a world where oil is transported five thousand kilometers. Nobody should expect us to be indifferent to plans made 100 or 200 kilometers from our borders”.

Yildiz attacked the opposition for accusing him of expansionary politics in northern Iraq and of cooperating with the Kurds.

According to Taraf newspaper, Ankara signed a deal to construct a gas pipeline that will run from northern Iraq to the Ceyhan port in southern Turkey. Turkey will buy the gas 50 pct cheaper than market price and the rest will be exported via vessels.

Meawhile, from 2014, the new oil pipeline that is under construction in Arbil, southeast Turkey, will be completed and ready to take oil from northern Iraq to Turkey.

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