Talks begin on turning Bulgaria’s Reformist Bloc into ‘lasting political entity’

Talks have begun among the leaders of the seven minority political parties that are members of the Reformist Bloc into a “lasting political entity”, according to the Democrats for a Strong Bulgaria.

Currently, none of the seven political parties has seats in Parliament. Some are relatively new while others are the inheritors to or splinters from formerly powerful political forces knocked sideways in developments in Bulgarian politics of the past decade.

However, the Reformist Bloc figures in the relatively more reliable opinion polls in Bulgaria of having a strong chance of a significant number of seats in the next Parliament.

A recent Alpha Research poll saw the Reformist Bloc as having about seven per cent support, which would make it the third-largest out of four parties in a new Parliament.

Soon after it was formed in the wake of the May 2013 early parliamentary elections, one poll gave it as much as 20 per cent, but that was out of kilter with more modest estimates. Polling agencies that have tended over the years to produce strong results for the socialists tend, somewhat predictably, to discount the prospects of the Reformist Bloc.

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