Albanian government decides to stop all online sporting bets

The Albanian government has decided to act like Turkey, by stopping the activity of all online sport betting.

The decision was announced on October 25 2013 by prime minister Edi Rama at a news conference (photo) after a cabinet meeting. Rama said that through the Ministry of Innovation, the government will block all websites which offer online betting in order for Albania not to have any more online bets, generating money that goes outside the borders.

“Nobody will be able to stop this incentive, which must be carried out at a time when Albania and Albanians must no longer leave a penny on gambling”, Rama said.

He said that that internet pages which will be blocked in Albania, have never been taxed by the Albanian state. According to him, every year, $500 million to $700 million were leaving Albania, but not a penny was earned by the Albanian state.

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