Romania: Top private companies top fraud scheme with EU funds

Private companies have surpassed local authorities as concerns the weight of EU funds frauds while the overall number of frauds has tripled last year compared to 2010, warns a report by the Romanian Academic Society (SAR), a leading Romanian think-tank.

SAR based its report on data provided by the country’s National Anti-Corruption Department (DNA0 and the Anti-Fraud Department (DLAF) and on the verdicts courts passed in trials concerning cases of EU funds frauds (associates, managers, shareholders) which show the private environment represents 57.2 per cent of all the cases.

The second place is held by local authorities (mayors, deputy-mayors, local councillors and civil servants), with a 26.52 per cent weight, while NGOs take the third spot (8.7 per cent) and individuals, in majority farmers (7.5 per cent).

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