Erdogan prepares to announce ‘democratisation package’

The Turkish government is preparing to open a new package of democratisation to escape possible sentences imposed by the Court of Human Rights.

According to Turkish newspaper Sabah, a meeting will be held next Tuesday at the Justice and Development Party chaired by Recep Tayyip Erdogan in which the final version of the “democracy package” will be presented.

The package will include the return to old names of certain places, the paper says. For example, the city of Tunceli will be renamed Dersin at the request of the Kurds. It is not clear if this term will concern Imvros which Turks renamed Gökçeada.

The “democratisation package” will also include measures affecting Kurds such as the release of prisoners, allowing headscarves to be worn in public, more freedom of demonstration and rights for Alevis.

In reference to the Theological School of Halki, the Turkish government emphasises that it should reopen, however, Sabah says Erdogan insists on reciprocity, asking for something in exchange from Greece.

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(Photo: EC Audiovisual Service)