EEZ and TAP top agenda of talks between foreign ministers of Greece and Turkey

Greece’s and Turkey’s Foreign Ministers held a meeting in Ankara on July 19 2013 at which they discussed the issues of the EEZ and cooperation to do with TAP, among others.

The meeting lasted about two hours and the ministers also discussed the Cyprus issue, Greek-Turkish relations in the Aegean and the issues relating to the cooperation of the two countries on economic and energy issues such as the Trans-Adriatic pipeline.

Ahmet Davutoglu characterized the issue of Greece proclaiming an EEZ as a matter of dispute in the Aegean.

Asked for his opinion on the possibility of Greece proclaiming the EEZ, the Turkish minister said “there are bilateral talks on the issues of dispute in the Aegean. We want the Aegean to be a sea of peace and calmness. Instead of unilateral proclamations let’s bolster cooperation. Just as TAP united Greece and Turkey, the same could happen through cooperation in the Aegean”.

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