Serbian government reshuffle will be finished by the end of July

The reshuffle of the Serbian government would be finished until the end of July, Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić said on July 19 2013. “There will be no delays any more”, Vučić emphasised, adding that he “will not take the position of the prime minister without elections”. In 2012 elections Vučić`s Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) won the majority in the Parliament. However, the leader of the Socialist Party of Serbia Ivica Dačić became the Prime Minister, as was stipulated in the coalition agreement.

“I will not gain the position of the prime minister by calculations and political games, that is for sure. Only the elections could lead to such an solution, but I don’t think that the elections are the priority of Serbia at this moment”, Vučić said.

“The reshuffle of the government will be finished. Until the end of next week, all decisions will be made. At the latest in the end of July this process will be ended in the Parliament. There will be no delays any more, everything should be done now, swiftly and efficiently”, Vučić told Tanjug news agency.

The Deputy PM said that all the relevant members of the ruling coalition had been responsible for the course of the government reshuffle up to this moment.

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