Film review: Arbitrage

A stylish thriller that doesn’t shortchange us on the complexity of motivation, Arbitrage is a very accomplished production that uses immensely talented actors to tell a story of lies, deception and self-protection at the highest levels of capitalism.

Opening during his birthday celebrations, Robert Miller (Richard Gere), the founder and chief executive of the successful investment firm Miller Capital, professes his love for his family and says he will soon retire to spend more time with them as he is about to sell the company to an interested buyer.

His daughter, who is his chief investment officer, is nonplussed by the news and even admits she doesn’t know what they would do if they spent more time together. Miller smiles a little condescendingly and sprints out the door to head back to the office.

However, it’s not the office but rather his young French mistress he is visiting. This lie is quickly complemented by another (he is involved in very fraudulent practices in order to appear solvent so he can sell off his company), and then another, of a grisly, murderous variety.

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(Still of Richard Gere in Arbitrage. Photo by Myles Aronowitz – © 2012 – Roadside Attractions via