Travel: Greece’s hidden spots

Torn between comfort and taking the road less traveled? Why compromise? Samos is an island of contrasts where you can avoid the package holiday herd and discover the real Greece without skimping on luxury.

It would be wrong to call Samos the Aegean’s best-kept secret. Judging from all the flags on the yachts, the Germans have already discovered the island, and there is even the occasional taverna offering svíčková alongside mousakka and tzatziki. However, while mass tourism has arrived, development is subject to heavy restrictions, and so Samos has been spared the soulless rows of cookie-cutter hotels that dominate other Greek tourist hotspots. While the island’s main resorts like Votsalakia have the usual beach bars and a few nightclubs, the raucous party animal crowd head elsewhere in the Dodecanese.

That’s not to say Samos has nothing to offer beyond sand, sea and sun – although it has all three in abundance.

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