Film Review: The Words

No, this is not an adaptation of the Jean-Paul Sartre novel. Rather, it is a film based on a screenplay about a writer who writes a story about a writer whose first novel is a smash hit on the literary scene, containing many autobiographical details – but they belong to someone else.

At first, these many different layers of stories within stories – never really allowing us to experience them happening on the first level but always reminding us that these stories are imaginary – seem complex, but the film never lives up to its promise and eventually falls far short of expectations.

Clayton Hammond (Dennis Quaid) is a respected writer whose latest, The Words, is a story about outright plagiarism by an aspiring writer, Rory Jansen (Bradley Cooper), who is staring a life of struggle in the face, until he finds an old, typewritten manuscript in a suitcase and passes it off as his own work.

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