Film review: The Face of an Angel

In his latest film, The Face of an Angel, director Michael Winterbottom does his best to slowly massage fictitious elements into a real-life story, all the while reminding us that we are not watching a documentary by dropping hints (in the form of wordy discussions) that the truth may be better told through fiction.

This approach, which seeks to best inform the viewer by admitting the impossibility of providing complete information untainted by perspective, is certainly not new, and it has worked well in many of Winterbottom’s own works, from 24 Hour Party People to A Cock and Bull Story. However, a light touch is essential to put us in the right frame of mind.

Unfortunately, the story of the death of Meredith Kercher and the trial of Amanda Knox does not lend itself to levity, and the film’s multiple trips into the realm of artistic flight of fancy undermine the drama and the seriousness required to tell this story.

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(Still of Daniel Brühl and Cara Delevingne in The Face of an Angel.)