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December 7, 2018, by Carla Babb of VOANews

The US and its allies flew a military aircraft over Ukraine on December 6 as a show of support after Russia attacked Ukrainian naval vessels in the Black Sea last […]

Nato summit to focus on IS, Russian aggression, Afghan war

July 8, 2016, by Carla Babb of VOANews

On the heels of a U.S. announcement to keep 8,400 U.S. troops in Afghanistan, NATO leaders will meet in Warsaw Friday and Saturday to discuss three ke ...

Rocket attack hits Russian embassy in Syria

October 13, 2015, by Carla Babb of VOANews

Insurgents fired rockets at Russia’s Embassy in Damascus Tuesday in what Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called an act or terror meant to ...

Turkey will fly in anti-IS missions, Pentagon says

August 26, 2015, by Carla Babb of VOANews

Turkey has agreed to fly in coalition air missions against Islamic State, Pentagon press secretary Peter Cook said Tuesday. The Turks’ integrati ...

  • US pulling Patriot missiles from Turkey
    August 18, 2015, by Carla Babb of VOANews

    The United States will remove its Patriot missile defense force out of Turkey when the agreement to station them there expires in October. The reason for the move, according to […]

  • US to lead multinational exercises in Ukraine
    September 4, 2014, by Carla Babb of VOANews

    The U.S. Defense Department has announced upcoming multinational military exercises inside Ukraine. The U.S.-led drill later this month in western Ukraine marks the first deployment of American ground troops to […]

  • World press freedom declines
    May 2, 2013, by Carla Babb of VOANews

    Freedom House, an independent watchdog dedicated to expanding freedom around the world, has released its annual report on global press freedom ahead of World Press Freedom Day on Friday. Media […]