Covid-19 in Bulgaria: 590 active cases among medics, with 74 in hospital

There were a total of 590 active cases of Covid-19 among medical personnel in Bulgaria, with 74 in hospital, three of them in intensive care, according to a report giving figures up to October 21, posted by the Bulgarian Medical Association.

Up to that date, 1727 medical personnel in Bulgaria had tested positive for new coronavirus.

There had been 626 cases among doctors, with 212 active cases, of which 36 were undergoing hospital treatment, with one in intensive care. A total of 175 were undergoing home treatment.

Among nurses, there had been 579 cases, with 202 active. There were 18 in hospital, two in intensive care, while 182 were being treated at home.

A total of 240 orderlies had tested positive. There were 69 active cases, with 12 in hospital and 57 undergoing home treatment.

Thirty-six paramedics had tested positive. Of 19 active cases, four were in hospital while the rest were undergoing home treatment.

In the category “other”, 246 had tested positive. There were 88 active cases, with four in hospital while the rest were undergoing home treatment.

In other news related to the Covid-19 situation in Bulgaria:

Sofia city hall approved on October 23 the guidelines for schools and kindergartens with regards to confirmed Covid-19 cases, proposed by the city’s regional health inspectorate.

If case of a positive result – whether by a pupil, kindergarten child, teachers or other staff – they are to leave the premises immediately and be put under home quarantine, the same as all contact persons that interacted with them two days before symptoms were first noticed or two days before the test date, if it is an asymptomatic case.

The contact people are the classmates and other pupils that were in contact at a distance of less than two meters for a period of more than 15 minutes without wearing a face mask, as well as all teachers or other staff that had similar contact.

Afterwards, the areas used by the pupil in question over the previous 48 hours must be thoroughly aired, cleaned and disinfected.

School headmasters and kindergarten directors are required to implement those measures as soon as they are notified of a positive Covid-19 test result. They must then contact the Sofia regional health inspectorate by phone to report the measures they took and submit the names of contact persons to the inspectorate by email.

Parents and guardians of underage contact persons are instructed to watch out for symptoms consistent with new coronavirus infection, in which case they have to notify their general practitioner.

The Ministry of Health said on October 23 that because of the increased numbers of patients in Lovech and Troyan, a meeting of the regional health headquarters had decided to intensify anti-epidemic measures.

From October 24 to November 8, all employers should arrange work-from-home for staff, where possible.

In all offices, wearing protective face masks is mandatory where it is impossible to maintain a distance of 1.5 metres between staff.

In all business and public spaces, there should be no more than one person per 2.5 square metres.

Disinfection of premises must take place at least four times a day in accordance with a pre-announced schedule.

In restaurants, there should be a distance of 1.5 metres between the backs of chairs at two adjacent tables.

Staff at all businesses and public offices must wear face protection.

Entertainment establishments must comply with the Health Minister’s order limiting the use of capacity.

Large-scale outdoor and indoor events may be held only after “coordination” with the regional crisis staff.

For organised indoor events, the guidelines are that there should be no more than 30 people at celebrations and no more than 50 people at seminars and conferences.

Spectators at outdoor sports events should fill up no more than 30 per cent of capacity. Spectators may not be admitted to indoor sports events. Visits to retirement clubs are suspended.

A separate statement said that pensioners’ clubs in Kurdzhali are closed until the end of the epidemic situation, currently due to expire at the end of November.

In Kurdzhali, inspections for compliance with anti-epidemic measures are being stepped up, according to the statement. As of October 23, traders and shoppers at municipal markets in the city must wear protective masks.

Turgovishte has closed discos and entertainment halls for 10 days, and banned all family and company celebrations.

Cafes and restaurants in Turgovishte may remain open, but must comply strictly with the Health Minister’s orders regarding distancing and other anti-epidemic measures.

The district of Shoumen has banned indoor and outdoor celebrations as well as indoor sports events.

Spectators are barred from all training and amateur sports events in Shoumen.

The municipality of Smolyan has announced several measures, to come into effect as of October 26.

An order by Smolyan mayor Nikolai Melemov closed seniors’ clubs, and bans spectators from events at the sports hall and swimming pool.

Unaccompanied minors will not be allowed in public places after 10pm.

The order reminds public transport carriers not to allow passengers who are not wearing masks, as well as to disinfect public transport stops.

Rehearsals involving people older than 60 at community centres are banned.

Deputy Minister of Regional Development Nikolai Nankov said in a Facebook post that he had tested positive for new coronavirus.

Nankov said that he had undergone the test as a routine step, not because he had symptoms. He said that he had gone into quarantine.

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