President sets out proposals to Parliament to make Bulgaria ‘normal European country’

Bulgarian head of state President Roumen Radev spelt out a critical view of the country at the September 4 opening of the new session of the National Assembly, and put forward proposals that he said would make Bulgaria a “normal European country”.

While the President is not a member of the executive, the head of state has the prerogative to address Parliament.

Radev, who routinely criticises Prime Minister Boiko Borissov’s government, used the start of the National Assembly’s autumn session to describe a bleak view of the state of Bulgaria.

“Bulgaria continues to lose its most valuable wealth – the people. Many Bulgarian citizens are alienated from their own country. The key factors for effective governance are missing – transparency, accountability and accountability,” Radev told MPs.

“It is common knowledge that when power is gradually taken away from the people and concentrated in a narrow circle of people, they transform it into economic benefits and media comfort and invest it in even more power. Thus this narrow circle concretes its uncontrollable power and the vicious cycle closes. With such a formula there is no development, no security and prosperity. There is poverty, corruption and illiteracy,” he said.

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