Bulgarian business climate slid slightly in September 2017 – poll

A regular monthly poll by Bulgaria’s National Statistical Institute (NSI) has found that views of the business climate got slightly gloomier in September 2017, driven down by the more unfavourable business climate in the construction, retail trade and service sectors.

In September 2017, the total business climate indicator decreased by 0.8 percentage points in comparison with August, the NSI said.

The composite indicator “business climate in industry” increased by 1.9 percentage points compared to the previous month as a result of the more optimistic industrial entrepreneurs’ assessments and expectations about the business situation of the enterprises.

In September, the composite indicator “business climate in construction” decreased by 1.8 percentage points which was entirely due to the more reserved construction entrepreneurs’ expectations about the business situation of the enterprises over the next six months.

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(Photo: Willie Cloete/freeimages.com)