Fifty asylum-seekers relocated from Greece to Bulgaria in two years – European Commission report

Bulgaria, which in 2015 pledged to accept 860 asylum-seekers transferred from Greece, has so far accepted 50, a progress report by the European Commission on the EU’s temporary emergency relocation scheme said.

According to the September 6 2017 report by the EC, Bulgaria, which had said it would accept the transfer of 471 migrants from Italy, so far had received none.

Bulgaria was among 13 EU countries that had not received any Syrian refugees relocated from Turkey under the EU-Turkey Statement, the EC report said.

The report on overall progress across all member states said that two years after the launch of the emergency mechanism, relocation “continues to show a positive trend” confirming the significant acceleration of relocations observed in 2017, with an average of 2300 transfers per month since February 2017, to almost all EU countries.

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(Photo: IOM/Amanda Nero)