Danube River partly frozen near Bulgarian town of Silistra

An ice cover of about 50 per cent formed on the Danube River near the Bulgarian town of Silistra, according to data from the local hydrological station on January 8.

Near Oryahovo and Svisthov, ice cover was about 30 per cent and in the region of Novo Selo and Lom about 10 per cent.

Currently, there was no danger to shipping in the Bulgarian section of the river, but with the increased ice formation, ships have to return to port or winter shelters.

Since the beginning of the last century, the Danube River froze completely 28 times. Over the past 100 years, the longest period that the river froze over was 89 days, from December 21 1953 to March 19 1954. The most recent ice formation on the Danube was in winter 2014.

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(Screenshot via BNT)