After blocking border crossings, Bulgarian transport drivers threaten further protests

Traffic at Bulgarian border checkpoints including Kapitan Andreevo and Lesovo was blocked for two hours by protesting lorry transport drivers on October 31, with drivers threatening further protests because their dissatisfaction at continuing problems crossing the country’s borders.

The blockade on October 31 was staged from 10am until noon. Normal traffic was restored after that, the Interior Ministry said.

At Kulata border checkpoint, more than 50 drivers of heavy lorries formed a human chain at the frontier. Cars could not move in either direction, leading to large queues forming in both directions, towards Bulgaria and Greece.

Bulgarian National Radio said that all industry organisations took part in the national protest by hauliers.

The union of Bulgarian transport workers said that several letters requesting improvement to the management of Bulgarian borders had been sent to government ministries, as well as the holding of workshops on ideas to improve the situation, but no formal reply had been received.

The union’s Alexander Stamboliiski said that the proposals put forward, to stabilise the management of passenger traffic, had “in no way” been considered.

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