Finance Ministry: Bulgaria gets ‘high marks’ from World Bank, IMF

Bulgaria received high marks from the World Bank and International Monetary Fund for its fiscal policy and accelerated economic growth in the past year and a half, the Finance Ministry said on October 8.

The ministry said that the positive assessment had become clear during meetings Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov had with the IMF and the World Bank, part of the annual meeting of the two institutions, taking place in the US capital Washington DC.

Together with the Governor of the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) Dimitar Radev, Deputy Minister of Finance Marinela Petrova and BNB Deputy Governor Dimitar Kostov, Goranov participated in the opening plenary session of the annual meeting of World Bank and IMF, as well as in a series of workshops at the headquarters of the two institutions.

The Bulgarian Finance Ministry statement quoted World Bank vice-president Cyril Muller as telling Goranov: “I am very impressed with the progress of your country compared to its condition two years ago.


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