Bulgaria issues Greece travel warning as border blockade continues

Bulgaria’s Foreign Ministry issued a travel warning on February 3 in connection to the planned general strike in Greece on February 4, as well as the continued difficulties at the border crossings between the two countries, prompted by the escalating blockades by Greek farmers.

Travellers were advised to avoid places that might see large protest marches, as well as stay up to date on traffic information in order to avoid congestion caused by any road closings.

The ministry said that the general strike on February 4 and 5 would impact certain services – such as fuelling stations shutting down, while hospitals would work with only skeleton staffs. In terms of road blockades, the ministry said that “there is no prospect of easing of road situation after February 4.”

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(Lorries wait in a queue at the Koulata-Promachonas crossing on February 3. Screengrab from Bulgarian National Television.)