Bulgarian Foreign Minister asks security agency to investigate leak of cable about Bokova

Bulgarian Foreign Minister Daniel Mitov has asked the State Agency for National Security to investigate the leaking to the media of a classified cable sent to the Foreign Ministry about Bulgarian UNESCO head Irina Bokova.

The cable, according to a report in mass-circulation daily 24 Chassa on January 25, conveyed that Michael Worbs, Germany’s ambassador to UNESCO and the chairperson of the organisation’s executive board, spoke of the possible need for an election of a new head of UNESCO should Bokova become UN Secretary-General.

According to the report, Worbs held that many countries were surprised at Bulgaria’s lack of a clear position on who will be the country’s candidate for UN Secretary-General. The delay in clarity could interfere with the normal functioning of UNESCO, the cable reportedly said.

Bulgarian Foreign Minister Daniel Mitov.
Bulgarian Foreign Minister Daniel Mitov.

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(Main photo, of Bokova:  Danica Bijeljac/UNESCO)