Varoufakis plans new party for ‘democracy in Europe’

Greek former finance minister Yanis Varoufakis has announced, in an interview with Italian magazine L’ Espresso,  to be published on December 24, that he wants to again get involved in politics, but in a movement rather than a party and certainly not restricted to economics.

To a question “what are your plans for the future”, Varoufakis answered:

“My plan is simple: To launch, in early February, a pan-European movement with a single, radical objective: To democratise the EU! To form a movement that seeks to harness the energy of pro-European radical critics of Brussels and Frankfurt in order to prevent the disintegration of the EU. In short, to show that there is a third alternative to the calamitous ‘choice’ between: (a) those who want to return to the cocoon of the nation-state, and (b) those who accept the authoritarian, ineffective policies of the deeply anti-democratic EU institutions”.

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