Film review: Spectre

The famously unflappable James Bond (Daniel Craig) finally has his heart stolen,but continuing an exploration of the human dimensions of 007 that started three films ago, it is perhaps unsurprising that his romantic entanglements on his latest adventure are but one part of a rich character revealed itself to us in Sam Mendes’s Spectre.

This time around, he finds himself in a helicopter flying upside down over a Day of the Dead march in Mexico City, attending an eerie late-night secret gathering Rome, aboard a luxury train in the Moroccan Sahara Desert and plunging down a snow-packed hillside in Austria in an airplane. But it is in London where his greatest challenge lies, and it comes in the form of a young man named Max Denbigh, codename “C” (Andrew Scott).

C is the new head of the Joint Security Service, based in a posh new glass building on the banks of the River Thames, and he has big plans for the future of intelligence, including the scrapping of the double-0 program, which would render Bond redundant. Despite his best attempts, Bond’s immediate boss, M (Ralph Fiennes), has no power to stop this power grab, and it seems things are headed south.

To read the full review, visit The Prague Post. Spectre is currently on wide release in Bulgaria.

(Still of Monica Bellucci and Daniel Craig in Spectre. Photo by Jonathan Olley – © 2015 – Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer)