Siderov scandal: Bulgaria’s ruling party seeks constitutional change on MPs’ immunity from prosecution

Bulgaria’s centre-right GERB party, the majority partner in government and the largest party in Parliament, says that it will open negotiations on changing a constitutional provision giving MPs immunity from prosecution – a step taken after the latest public fracas involving Ataka party leader Volen Siderov.

Tsetska Tsacheva, Speaker of the National Assembly, announced the step at a special news conference on October 26, the day after Siderov and Ataka members were involved in a tense confrontation in central Sofia, the latest in a series.

Tsacheva said that in recent days, the Bulgarian public had been scandalised by the brutal acts of members of Parliament who had abused their status as MPs.

GERB categorically condemned the actions of such MPs, she said. “They are in gross violation of the rule of law, failure to comply with the law, a violation of the democratic foundations of the authority of the state and an undermining of the authority of Bulgarian insitutions,” Tsacheva told the news conference.

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