Poll: Most Ukrainians don’t understand how to vote in October 25 elections

With the campaign for October 25 local elections in Ukraine in its final days, more voters know who they want to vote for than how to vote.

A poll shows that a third of voters have decided on candidates while the same poll shows only 20 per cent of voters say they know how to vote.

But most – at least 55 per cent of respondents all over Ukraine – say that the local elections will change nothing, while 4 percent believe the situation will be even worse. In the embattled Donbas Oblast, 70 per cent think the election won’t help.

These are some of the findings from a poll conducted by the respected Democratic Initiatives Foundation on October 8-20.

It also found that only 12 per cent of respondents say they understand the new election law, meaning the complex voting procedure will inevitably cause problems with vote counts and distribution of seats.

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(Photo: Wolfhowl/flickr.com)