EU leaders meet in Brussels to tackle refugee crisis, ‘Brexit’

EU leaders met in Brussels on Thursday to discuss plans to help deal with the ongoing influx of refugees from the Middle East, urging Turkey in particular to play a larger role in solving the crisis.

Last week, leaders proposed a plan to help ease the burden many European countries are facing. The plan would focus on giving Turkey more aid to assist refugees within its borders, in the hope that this would discourage them from attempting to flee to Europe.

In a speech before the Bundestag earlier Thursday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Turkey had to play a key rule in stemming the flow of migrants.

Other leaders echoed Merkel, pushing for Ankara to accept the plan while in some cases criticizing its apparent lack of willingness to do so.

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(Photo, of migrants at a camp near Gevgelija at the Greek-Macedonian border: EC Audiovisual Service)