Thousands of migrants stranded between Croatia, Serbia

Croatia has been transporting asylum-seekers to Hungary and is demanding that Serbia follow suit, instead of busing them to Croatia.

Visiting the Croatian border crossing of Strosinci Saturday, Interior Minister Ranko Ostojic said it would be easier to send the asylum-seekers directly to the Hungarian border or to a reception center in Serbia, from where they can travel to their desired destination in Europe.

“This is torture for the people, it’s much easier now to send them to the border crossing or in Horgos or in the reception center that they have in Principovac on the Serbian side of border with Croatia.”

About 3,000 migrants and refugees were stranded Saturday in the border city of Strosinci.  According to Croatian authorities, the travelers were dropped off by Serbian buses in an empty field and told to walk up to Croatian territory.

Croatian police, local villagers and Red Cross volunteers came to their rescue, since they became lost.

200,000 asylum requests in Germany

Meanwhile, Germany said it received 200,000 asylum requests in the first half of this year, 40 percent of which filed by people from Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia and Serbia, fleeing unemployment and poverty for a better life.

The number of Kosovars filing for asylum in Germany increased from 3,000 in the first half of 2014 to 32,000 in the same period this year.  The number of Albanian asylum-seekers also rose from 4,500 to 29,000.

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