Greek elections: Pollsters paint confusing picture as Tsipras and Meimarakis turn to undecided voters

Two new opinion polls published on September 16 paint a conflicting picture ahead of the September 20 2015 general election in Greece.

An opinion poll by Pro Rata for newspaper Efimerida ton Sintakton shows Syriza in the lead over New Democracy by four per cent. The poll shows: Syriza 28 per cent, ND 24 per cent, Golden Dawn 7.5 per cent, Potami five per cent, KKE five per cent, Independent Greeks (ANEL) 2.5 per cent, PASOK five per cent, Popular Unity (LAE) three per cent and Enosi Kentroon three per cent. The undecided voters stood at 15 per cent.

In the previous Pro Rata poll Syriza led New Democracy by five per cent.

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(Photo of parliament in Athens, Greece: Clive Leviev-Sawyer)