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  • Insecurity threatens planned Turkey poll
    August 25, 2015, by Dorian Jones of VOANews

    Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said the country will go to the polls again in November, after talks to form a coalition government in the wake of June’s inconclusive […]

  • Top 10 destinations for expats
    August 25, 2015, by The Prague Post

    Once more, Ecuador tops the list of the best places to live abroad in the InterNations Expat Insider 2015 survey, which is one of the most extensive studies ever conducted […]

  • ‘Dramatic’ situation with refugees in Serbia
    August 24, 2015, by Independent Balkan News Agency

    After huge crowds during the weekend, the reception centre for migrants in Presevo, near the border between Serbia and Macedonia, was empty this morning. In the camp in Miratovac village […]

  • Thousands of migrants leave Macedonia by train to Serbia
    August 23, 2015, by VOANews

    Thousands of migrants boarded trains Sunday in Macedonia headed north to Serbia after being stuck at the border for several days and blocked from continuing on their journey toward European […]