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  • Fifth suspect detained over Austria migrant deaths
    August 30, 2015, by Deutsche Welle

    Police in Hungary announced on Sunday they had arrested a fifth suspect, a Bulgarian citizen, in connection with last week’s discovery of a truck abandoned in Austria containing the bodies […]

  • EU calls for special meeting on migrant crisis
    August 30, 2015, by VOANews

    The interior ministers of Britain, France and Germany have called for a special meeting of European Union interior and justice ministers within the next two weeks to deal with the […]

  • Crunch time as migrant crisis worsens
    August 30, 2015, by The Budapest Times

    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has convened a session of the national security cabinet by the evening of September 1 2015 to address the challenges of illegal migration. Meanwhile the situation […]

  • Turkey’s president approves interim cabinet
    August 30, 2015, by VOANews

    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has approved an interim government that will give a pro-Kurdish party cabinet posts for the first time. Ali Haydar Konca will serve as EU affairs […]

  • Film review: Hitman: Agent 47
    August 30, 2015, by Raymond Johnston of The Prague Post

    Videogames work because they are interactive, giving the player puzzles to solve or tasks to accomplish to get to the next level. The plot is often pretty thin, relying on […]