Four arrested over supply of anthrax-tainted meat in Bulgaria’s Varna

Four people have been taken into custody by police in the Bulgarian Black Sea city of Varna in connection with the supply of anthrax-tainted meat to retail shops and fast-food places in Varna and in the Dobrich district.

The arrests were announced at a late-night sitting on July 22 of a crisis staff convened to respond after reports of the distribution of anthrax-tainted meat to places on the northern Black Sea coast.

On July 18, a 53-year-old man from a village in the Varna region died after consuming meat from a cow that had been infected with anthrax. At the time, authorities moved quickly to identify other people who had been in contact with the meat, and on July 20, animals in the area were vaccinated against anthrax while a quarantine was declared.

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(Screenshot via BNT)