Anti-gay extremists violently break up gay pride march in Kyiv; several injured, many arrests

Protected by hundreds of police officers in Kyiv’s Obolon district, nearly 200 persons tried on June 6 to take part in the second gay pride parade in the last three years.

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But violence, almost from the start, marred the event and sent people fleeing in chaos and panic. Police broke up the gathering quickly, telling participants to leave because they could not guarantee their safety after dozens of extremists attacked the crowd and police with fireworks, fists and nails.

Several police officers and participants were injured, including one officer who suffered serious wounds after being attacked with fireworks and nail bombs.

More than 20 extremists were arrested on suspicion of violence. Others escaped, including one man who shouted “they should die!” in reference to homosexuals.

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(Photos: Sviatoslav Sheremet, via Facebook)