Moldovans demand justice for vanishing $1B, lack of government action

Tens of thousands of Moldovans took to the streets on May 3 in the Moldovan capital of Chisinau to demand justice for a banking scandal that saw $1 billion vanish from three of the country’s biggest banks. They are calling for some political leaders in the ruling pro-European coalition to step down for their lack of action over the scandal and poor governance.

The participants dispersed peacefully in the central square at midday, chanting slogans such as “Moldova is ours,” “We are Moldova,” and “The thieves must go to jail.”

Moldovans are looking for answers after $1 billion disappeared from three local banks. Banca de Economii, Banca Social and Unibank, issued a total of $1 billion in loans to unidentified recipients, a staggering amount of money that equals about 15 percent of the 2013 gross domestic product of $7.9 billion in a nation of less than four million people.

Prosecutors and American auditors investigated the questionable transactions that took place in November, just a few days before the country’s parliamentary elections, which saw pro-European parties scoring a narrow lead over the pro-Moscow Socialist Party.

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(Chisinau photo: Mirek237)