New Smolensk stenos reportedly suggest pilots were pressured to land

A fresh transcript of the leaked recordings from the cockpit of the Polish presidential aircraft that went down in April 2010 near Smolensk in Russia added weight to accusations that the pilots were pressured to attempt a landing.

The plane carrying president Lech Kaczynski, his wife and 95 other people including Poland’s top officials crashed on April 10, 2010 as it was attempting a heavy-weather landing on a military airfield in Smolensk, western Russia. The Polish delegation was en route to memorial ceremonies in Katyn for thousands of Polish army officers killed by the Soviet secret police in 1940.

Radio station RMF FM published on April 7 the transcript based on a technical reworking by a Military Prosecutor’s Office which added 30 per cent more words to the total workable transcript.

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(Photo: Serge Serebro/Vitebsk Popular News)