Germany dismisses Greek war reparations claims

German vice chancellor and economy minister Gabriel Sigmar has dismissed the Greek claims for war reparations, stating that the new estimates announced by the government in Athens for World War 2 compensation worth 278.7 billion euro were “nonsense”.

“Frankly, I find it stupid,” Sigmar said when asked about the estimates announced yesterday by the Greek government. He said that Greece is seeking in this way, ultimately, to secure higher margins from its partners in the euro zone to overcome the sovereign debt crisis it is facing.

“And this margin has absolutely nothing to do with World War 2 or the war reparations”, said Gabriel, who is leader of the Social Democrats (SPD), the party that is the minor partner in the government under chancellor Angela Merkel

Gabriel expressed his country’s wish to help Greece get back on its feet and to remain in the euro zone, but added that it is unclear how Germany can continue to offer its assistance. “This country (Germany) is ready to help (Greece) to get back on its feet – which in my firm opinion is inside and not outside the euro”, he said. “The way in which this can be done, is still not very clear to me”, Gabriel added.

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