Experts see more Russian-backed terrorist attacks ahead in Ukraine

Security experts believe that Ukraine will face more terror attacks after a blast in Kharkiv ripped through a EuroMaidan Revolution anniversary march on February 22, killing four people.

While many terrorist acts and explosions preceded the Kharkiv blast, the February 22 attack was the deadliest in a long time. Many blame Russia, saying the Kremlin has moved into a new phase of its campaign to destabilize the country, beyond outright military invasion and economic blackmail.

“Russia has started an absolutely cynical practice of organizing terrorist attacks in Ukrainian cities outside of the anti-terrorist operation zone,” Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesman Yevhen Perebyinis said, attributing the change in tactics to Russia’s lack of a decisive military victory after one year of fighting.

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(Photo of Oleksiy Melnyk, director of foreign relations and international security at the Razumkov Centre: