UK, Bulgaria underline co-operation against terrorism, on diversification of energy supply

The visit to Sofia by UK foreign secretary Philip Hammond saw statements of commitments on bilateral co-operation against terrorism, on security and diversification of energy supply and strong support for EU enlargement “on the basis of firm and fair conditionality”.

Hammond and his Bulgarian counterpart Daniel Mitov released a joint statement after their January 14 meeting detailing a lengthy set of areas of agreement.

“Today we reaffirmed our commitment to deepen the cooperation between Bulgaria and the UK and to further develop our bilateral relations. Allies and partners in the EU and NATO, our countries share common values and a range of common interests. This is the backbone of our relationship in today’s complex international environment,” the joint statement said.

“We exchanged views on the escalation of terrorism and the need to deepen our bilateral coordination to fight all its forms, including those coming from ISIL and other extremist organisations that recruit foreign fighters. We condemn the terrorist attacks in Paris and express our full solidarity with the French people at this time,” Hammond and Mitov said.

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