Film review: Exodus: Gods and Kings

The holiday season always seems to be a good time for a rollicking Bible epic. The genre offers something for everyone: special effects for the kids, some muscle flexing and exotic maidens for teenagers, and some romance and morality for adults.

Exodus: Gods and Kings modernizes the conventions a bit but in the end doesn’t stray far from the mold. The story is the same chunk of Bible pages that spawned both famous film versions of The Ten Commandments, from 1923 and 1956, which also lit up holiday season silver screens.

The different title, Exodus, stresses that this shouldn’t be looked on as a remake of The Ten Commandments. But comparisons can’t be avoided.

Former Batman actor Christian Bale steps into the Charlton Heston role of Moses. Bale, though, replaces the bold confidence of earlier versions with a lot of uncertainty and even hints of mental instability.

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Exodus: Gods and Kings is on circuit in Bulgarian cinemas, under the title Изход: Богове и Царе.