US Congress approves bill offering defensive weapons and more for Ukraine

In a blitzkrieg vote on December 11, both chambers of the US ​Congress ​passed a landmark bill known as the Ukraine Freedom Support Act 2014 that offer​s Kyiv defence weapons worth $350 million and ​the ​status of a US non-NATO ally.

Now it’s up to the US President Bara​ck Obama to enact this bill by signing​. In the next few days​, Obama will get it on his table. But if he fails to sign by the end of the year, the bill will have to go through a new cycle in the U.S. Congress.

“Now we are rallying to ask Obama to sign the bill,” said C​onstantin Kostenko, one of the leaders of ​the Pass2828 campaign that was launched by the Ukrainian diaspora.​

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